October 15, 2013

Pinko Hybrid Shop – the future of shopping with great style!

Janina Nectara Fashion Avec Passion Pinko Milano Italia

pinko hybrid shop milano janina nectara fashion avec passion

Girls, I’ve been to the fashion store of the future and I must absolutely tell you about it! No, it doesn’t involve time travel, but besides that, it feels positively futuristic!

At Corso Venezia, 5 in Milan – from now on, the wormhole between the universe of traditional Italian fashion and the shopping experience of the future – is where I found the new Pinko Hybrid Shop, dripping with fashion, buzzing with technology and jam-packed with the fashion industry there to get acquainted with the latest boutique concept from Pinko.

In a décor worthy of a Hollywood-budget sci-fi, you could find the latest Pinko designs styled by mannequins speechlessly inviting you to touch, feel and try on, while right next to them lavish touch screens allowed you to take your passion for fashion to new virtual mixing, matching and ordering heights.

The Italian brand is launching a innovative formula Hybrid Shop, staring in store digital screens, allowing clients to surf through the entire collection and various pre-styled outfits, specially created for each one of us by a famous Italian celebrity stylist. A session of shopping overindulgence, but also one of, well, over-enjoyment!
I was definitely extremely excited to experience my electronic ultra-personalized PINKO shopping session which, by the way, allows fashion aficionados to go empty handed home, while all the shopping are delivered directly at any address with no effort of carrying the bags from the clients. Isn’t that wonderful?! It is, of course, and you can read it on my face.

So don’t wonder if next time you ask I’m going to tell you that the some of the best shopping I ever had was in the future! A future that is certainly bright and pink(o)!

Janina Nectara Pinko Hybrid Shop party

 pinko hybrid shop  janina nectara fashion avec passion

pinko hybrid shop milano janina nectara fashion avec passion

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Photo source: Pinko