February 28, 2011

I want Galliano back at Dior!

This is a supporting declaration for John Galliano. And now, allow me, please, to explain myself.

To cut the long story short, John Galliano is accused of racist and anti-Semite insults brought to a couple while he was in a bar, for which reason he was suspended from the House of Dior. Would you believe it?

Sidney Toledano, president of Dior House, declared that Galliano was prohibited from his usual role pending the outcome of the investigation. So, I’m wondering when we have lost the presumption of innocence? Apparently nobody tried to design one for him.

There are just a few days to the Dior runway défilé in Paris and I am puzzled over what might hide behind the word “suspended”. Is he going to miss the show? Is he going to stop working there until they drop the charges? Or even worse?
There are no clear-cut explanations for this, just assumptions.

But my personal questions would be: What does this thing / all this have to do with his job? Is John Galliano a “fashion victim”? He may be, since the whole fashion world, if not the entire world, rushed to pass value judgments on what the couturier was doing in his PRIVATE life. Not that I agree with this kind of behaviour, but it might not be such a bad idea for us to see beyond a simple mistake.

Don’t know Galliano well, but when I personally met him, I got the impression that he was the kindest person in the whole wide world! More than that, I strongly believe that his brilliant collections should not be valued in the light of his tête-à-tête conversations/actions. Meaning that we can think anything of Galliano as a person, but we also must remember that when he got the job at Dior, it was not because of his dark eyes, it was because of his competence – competence that cannot be so easily imprisoned, not even by racist words.

If he made a mistake, then I’m sure he would apologize. The unjust punishment of depriving him of his work’s applauses may be considered discriminatory as well. My conviction is that one cannot undo a wrong by doing another wrong instead.

And, since most of the civilized countries don’t mix religion with politics, we, as civilized human beings should make an effort not to mix professional life with personal existence. Sounds simple, but when it comes down to putting it into practice… Well, maybe we just need to practice some more. 🙂

I have already started it. I’m going to wear this T-shirt for the Paris Fashion Week, as a personal statement of support for my favourite designer.
Wish me the very best of luck! I do hope to be convincing.

So please, Mr. Toledano, I WANT GALLIANO BACK AT DIOR!

PS: If you are a Galliano fan or simply agree that what has happened to him is unfair, please show your support by posting your opinion below.
If you have a different point of view, let it out if you dare.

Daca esti unul dintre fanii lui Galliano sau pur si simplu esti de acord ca ceea ce i se intampla este nedrept, arata-ti suportul pentru designer si posteaza-ti opinia mai jos.
Chiar daca ai o parere diferita, indrazneste sa intrigi pe toata lumea cu noi puncte de vedere.

(Kindly, excuse the quality of the pictures 🙂