February 1, 2013

Husna Sandals. Do you prefer Achilles’ or Mick Jagger’s favourite?

The one of a kind sandals of Ali Güven, the Bodrum Bazaar artisan, have brought him clients such as Mick Jagger and Sting, the design appreciation of Donna Karan and the opportunity to shoe Achilles Brad Pitt and his Trojan enemies in the famous Hollywood production.

The richness his artisanship has brought to the life of the craftsman is, yet, better measured by the pleasure of working by hand the organically treated leather – using essences extracted from the bark of a local oak tree – to create gracious and practical pieces of art.

And it is this joy of the authentic and celebration of quality that has driven the ambition to continue Ali Güven’s tradition through Husna Sandals and has set the goals of carrying his name and reputation further around the world. The custom made sandals are part of The cARTel project – wearable art showroom and boutique – and available in Dubai and online, based on the models catalog.

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Photo source: Husna Sandals