July 9, 2012

How Young Is Too Young to Be a Dictator of Style?

In a world where you can be a “fashion icon” ever since you’re a few months old (6-year-old Suri Cruise is known for sporting designer clothes and kitten heels and Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 6-month-old daughter has a lust-worthy wardrobe which includes Marc Jacobs flats and Roberto Cavalli baby bottles) it’s no wonder that young girls have begun not only to let themselves be inspired by the latest trends, but to become trendsetters themselves.

Perhaps the youngest girl to attract media attention for her sense of style (Besides Suri Cruise. But hey, Suri has had the advantage of being famous because of her parents since she was a baby) is Tavi Gevinson, of Style Rookie.

At the tender age of eleven, Tavi began blogging, posting pictures of her outfits and comments about famous designers and fashion spreads in magazines. Now famously describing herself as a “tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats”, Tavi has attracted the attention and admiration of Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, the Mulleavy sisters (of Rodarte), as well as that of Dasha Zhukova , who featured her in Pop Magazine. Tavi is currently attending important fashion shows, front row, with famous fashion figures sitting behing her.

Young fashion bloggers such as Kristin Prim (17, kristinprim.com), Lisa Olsson (14, Lisa Place), Jane Aldridge (16, Sea of Shoes), Arabelle Sicardi (15, Fashion Pirates), Camille R. (15, Childhood Flames) or Adriana (14, Silver Wings), are starting to pop up more and more, and the world is ready to appreciate their fearless and daring fashion sense.

And while being a style icon even though you’re not old enough to buy your own clothes may be seen as a positive thing, the public voice has made it clear that there is such a thing as too young to walk the runway or to appear in ad campaigns.

Labels that have collaborated with girls deemed too young to belong to the fashion world have lately been under intense scrutiny. A Miu Miu ad featuring fourteen year old Hailee Steinfeld sitting on railroad tracks has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, as has been a Marc Jacobs ad for the „Oh, Lola!” fragrance, which pictured Dakota Fanning with a large bottle of perfume between her legs. Moreover, last season, Diane von Furstenberg’s decision to use an underage model in one of her shows was deemed irresponsible. Amongst others to receive a slap on the wrist for working with girls who are too young, are French Vogue, after featuring Thylane Loubry Blondeau (10) in a controversial, sexualised editorial spread, and Prada, for casting three teenage models in what has been deemed as a „sultry” video for its fall ’11 campaign.


However, seeing that the fashion world is having such a positive reaction to all the young emerging fashionistas out there, it’s safe to say – Move over Gisele, the new generation is coming!

Photos courtesy of: gossip-celebrity-news.com, huffingtonpost.com, bjornsecular.wordpress.com, karima-illustration.blogspot.com