April 22, 2013

How Would You Like To Walk In Carrie Bradshaw’s Shoes?


Do you remember the Sex And The City episode in which Carrie advocates ”a woman’s right to shoes” – simply put, a woman’s freedom to have as many shoes as it takes to make her happy, whether it’s twenty or two hundred?

Now, you have the opportunity to enrich your shoes collection with three special pairs, worn by Carrie herself on the streets of New York. Sarah Jessica Parker, who had the good fortune (for which, most fashionistas would kill), to be able to keep about 70% of her SATC wardrobe, has donated three pairs of shoes for auction, in order to raise funds for LaGuardia High School for Music, Art and the Performing Arts in New York.


The shoes donated by Sarah Jessica Parker – a pair of studded Prada mules, a pair of black patent leather Dolce Vita cour shoes and a pair of snakeskin sandals by Jonathan Kelsey – come with a hand-written message, such as ”Enjoy and be careful! Love SJP x”. Given the sky-high heels of each pair, the message ”Be careful” seems highly appropriate.

 carrie bradshaw outfits 1


Along with Carrie’s shoes, the lot up for auction also features a series of footwear worn by various stars during iconic moments of their careers – a pair of thigh-high Miu Miu boots worn by Madonna during her 2012 Super Bowl concert, a pair of thigh-high Manolo Blahnik boots worn by supermodel Elle Macpherson on the runway for Fashion Week, boots worn by Elvis Presley for his first concert after an absence of 8 years from the music stage, shoes worn by Ray Charles on stage and even a pair of mules worn by Britney Spears during her 2000 ”Crazy” world tour, to remind you how tacky fashion was back in those days. (Or was it just Britney…?)


The bidding for the Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction starts on April 24th. You can view the entire lot here.

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Photos courtesy of: gottahaverockandroll.com, siava.ru, favin.com, maebadiyan.com