August 2, 2013

How would you feel top designer at Gucci? It is possible. Made to measure fashion is here to stay

Gucci Lapo’s Wardrobe

If you feel like your silhouette has fallen somewhere between the patterns of most prêt-à-porter houses – and I am sure you do, nobody has standard measures – you must have already dreamt of a tailor all your own, to have at least all jackets and pencil skirts hugging your body like a glove.

And if you are the happy owner of a designer wardrobe, the quality of the fabrics and details I bet got you thinking about how it would be like if you could just personalise, only at the same level of craftsmanship, every seam and shade of your favourite dresses, like a Coco Chanel master of her own style.

Should you feel one or even both desires, it just means that you are part of the growing trend of bespoke fashion that pushes an ever greater number of enthusiasts towards fashion designers having taken the satisfying of this new type of connoisseur client into their own adept hands.

And made to measure fashion is getting increasingly less expensive when compared with its pre-made equivalent and allows for an ever bigger freedom of choice in terms of the number and quality of personalisable features.

From the – style and budget – extravagance of custom made lingerie from the official British royal supplier up to shoes for your exact feet’s shape and heart’s desire all the way from Australia, the world of bespoke fashion is nowadays coming down to pure pampering and the eventual customs issues for the odd delivery from an exotic country.

And this is possible as it is less and less of an experimental side-endeavour of fashion and more of a sign of prestige, soon even a tradition just as well rounded as the names of the world’s most famous fashion houses.

Ferragamo has at its customer’s disposal no less than its iconic Vara shoes, while Manolo Blahnik was willing to share his name and design glory for USD 595 a pair, at Neiman Marcus.

But the house really taking made to measure to the next level is Gucci. Lapo’s Wardrobe is just one of its collections especially designed so as to allow Gucci tailors in selected boutiques around the world – Milan, and starting fall, New York, Paris, London, Sao Paulo and Tokyo – to put together thousands of combinations of its exceptional designs – taken alone, the 80 fabric options open 900 different combinations – all fitting each client’s particular imagination.

Gucci Lapo’s Wardrobe

It just seems that world leading trendsetters, like the famous Italian house, have taken to themselves to fully make their clients’ every dream come true, and have turned made to measure fashion into a trend here to stay.

Made to Measure fragrance Gucci James Franco

Made to Measure men’s fragrance, from Gucci


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Photo source: Gucci