June 5, 2012

How To Take Care Of Your Shoes

If you love shoes like I do, you must know how it feels to fall in love with them so deeply, that you never want to have to throw them away. And the thing is, this is not limited to a single pair of shoes, but more to my entire closet. Here are 10 easy-to-follow tips to make your shoes last longer and be in perfect shape for every time you wear them:


1. If you happen get your shoes wet, refrain from drying them yourself. A powerful source of heat may induce more damage than good, so let them dry out naturally.

2. Don’t let anyone borrow your shoes. Even if your best friend has the same shoe size, she definitely does not have feet identical to yours, and your shoes may get stretched out.

3. Store your shoes in separate boxes and make sure that you don’t pile them up on top of each other in a way that may result in crushing the shoes inside of the box.

4. If you don’t have the necessary space to pack up your shoes in their box when you travel, make sure you don’t just throw them in your luggage. Store them in a cloth pouch and make sure you don’t rest heavy things on top of them.

5. Never use abrasive materials to clean your shoes, no matter how dirty they are. Use a clean piece of textile (preferably cotton) to wipe away the dirt and be gentle, or else you might scratch them or leave unsightly marks.

6. When you clean suede or leather shoes, always use the appropriate polish. Shoe stores often have a good selection of polishes for each type of shoe material.

7. Don’t forget to regularly clean the heels and straps of your shoes, as well as the inside, not just the outside.

8. To make each pair of shoes last longer, try wearing them by rotation. That means not playing favourites with your shoes, and wearing them no more than once a week.

9. Replace the tips of the heels regularly. Never wear shoes with an exposed metal tip on the heel. You run the risk of damaging them beyond repair.

10. Have your shoes resoled, if necessary. This is not an expensive operation, but it requires that you go to a shoe repair center.

Photos courtesy of: carlosnunezphotography.com, misstarashiny.blogspot.com, weheartit.com