June 29, 2012

How To Summerproof Your Makeup

In the smouldering heat of summertime, you run the risk of having your makeup melt and start running down your face.

To prevent this, keep in mind a few simple tricks, so that everything stays intact and you can enjoy all the colourful alternatives that makeup artists have prepared for you this summer.

1. Forget about foundation during the summer, or at least during daytime, as it tends to have a heavy texture. Try using a tinted face cream instead, which has a lighter feel.

2. Invest in a primer, the must-have product during summertime. It ensures that your makeup goes on much easier and stays put longer. Also, you can shoot two birds with one stone by blending a drop of primer with a drop of light-coverage foundation or with a hint of tinted cream to get an ultra-light formula.

3. Avoid using concealer excessively, as it has too rich of a formula. However, if you feel that you can’t go without it, try applying an extremely thin film only under your eyes, instead of going all around them.

4. To avoid having oily-looking skin, make sure that you always have on you a couple of blotting papers, which you can find in any beauty store.

5. Hydration doesn’t mean applying excess oil to your skin. Use a moisturiser with an oil-free formula and apply it to your skin while it’s still dewy.

6. To make your eyeshadow last longer, apply it with a damp brush. Not only will this ensure that it stays on all day, but will also give it extra shine.

7. When it comes to mascara, look for “weatherproof” formulas instead of “waterproof” ones. They are easier to remove and won’t dry out your lashes.

8. Apply a hint of foundation to your lips before putting on lipstick, but beware, as this may dry out your lips! Choose products that hydrate and make sure that you always have on you a moisturising lip balm. Not even the most fabulous shade of lipstick can look good on chapped lips!

9. Avoid products that come as powders, whether it’s eyeshadow, blush or face powder. Try a liquid blush, creamy eyeshadows and steer clear of face powders which offer a cakey finish.

10. Finish your makeup ritual with a spritz of thermal water. Keep it in the fridge for a half hour in advance, and then spray it on your face. Not only will this help set your makeup, but will also give you a fabulous feeling of freshness.

Photo courtesy of: piccsy.com