November 9, 2012

How to style short hair like Halle Berry

Pixie haircut is as sexy and feminine as long hair, if you know how to wear it, and, most of all, if you wear it with confidence. And although many people believe it is easy to style short hair, it is not totally true.

Celebrity stylist Neeko, who took care of Halle Berry’s hair for the Cloud Atlas premiere, has a few suggestions to help you get the perfect pixie.

First, mess up your dry hair with a blow dryer.



To achieve height on top, apply a thickening lotion on the hair. Neeko believes  “the trick of getting short hair to stand up is creating a great base. No teasing of the hair, but using root-thickening products.”

Use a flat iron to make hair perfectly straight. Neeko recomends separating strands with a leave-in conditioner. If you want your short hair perfectly sleeked down or upward, use pomade.

Also, the stylist suggests just sleeping on the hair, using rayon or bamboo sheets and pillowcases. This will keep your hair healthy and will ease styling your hair the second day.