January 4, 2013

How To Shop During Sales


The sales are here! Before storming into your favourite stores and ransacking them, take a quick look at Fashion avec Passion’s guide to smart shopping:

>> The first and most important rule that you need to follow when shopping, especially during sales, is to approach every purchase as an investment. Stop and think instead of simply buying on impulse. Evaluate if the piece you’re considering will stand the test of time and will complete and enhance your already existing wardrobe, then, if the answer is yes, purchase it.

>> When the opportunity of a sale arises, focus on completing your wardrobe with staple pieces, such as tailored blazers, cashmere pieces, silk blouses or high-heeled pumps – pieces that will never go out of style and that you can mix throughout all seasons.

>> Sale periods are the time to splurge on that big-ticket item that you’ve been eying for ages, but couldn’t bring yourself to buy because of its high price.

Woman Running in Square

>> Do your homework! During the hustle and bustle of sales, it’s better to come prepared. Make a list of what you want to buy and locate the stores that carry them.

>> Arrive early. Don’t wait until the last days of the sales, when stores are left with very little merchandise.

>> Make sure you get the right fit. Don’t buy clothes that are too small or too big for you just because they’re cheap. No bargain there.

>> Keep an open mind. Do sketch a list beforehand, so as not to get carried away, but be open to new ideas if you find something that you like.

>> Remember that bags and accessories are the first to be sold out, due to the fact that they are sizeless.

Happy shopping!

Photos courtesy of: wheremilan.com, argophilia.com