November 20, 2012

How to revive damaged hair

Maintaining the hair healthy is not easy, especially when pollution is high, and we don’t always have time to eat healthy food for the sake of our hair. Also, the inappropriate use of styling products and utensils can lead to hair loss and dehydrated hair. Here’s what you need to know if you need to revive damaged hair:


1. Never skip the use of heat protection sprays when you use heated appliances, no matter if it’s a blow drier or a flat iron. Heat can leave hair dry, dull and frizzy, and these products minimize the damaging effects.


2. Health comes from inside out. You’ve heard this before, but this is so true. If you’re not going to add some vitamins in your diet, your hair will become thinner, without shine, and will start to fall.


3. Trim the ends of the hair regularly, but especially if your hair is already damaged. Use a deep conditioner or an intensive nourishing mask after each trimming session, to deeply condition the ends.


4. Don’t stay away from the natural treatments that you can try in the house. Avocado, olive oil, eggs or honey are perfect ingredients to revive damaged hair.


5. Protect your hair by covering it with a hat or scarf during winter and summer. Extreme temperatures can ruin the balance of the hair.