May 3, 2012

How to quench excessive sebum production

Along with the heat, skin begins to produce more sebum and becomes more oily, tends to develop acne and open pores. Even if your skin is normal, during summertime it tends to be shinier, and oilier. Here are some things that will help you restore the sebum balance when your skin starts troubling you in this way:

1. Avoid washing your face excessively, this will stimulate the oil production.

2. Stay away from alcohol cleaners, they can make you feel better on the moment, but on long term they may worsen oily skin problems.

3. Keep your skin hydrated, otherwise the sebum production increases, as an attempt to recover her balance.

4. Use a mattifying primer, it will reduce the excess fat and will make the makeup resist longer.

5. Silica absorbs skin’s sebum , choose your foundation and powder that contains this ingredient.

6. Stay away from creamy blusher and the tanning lotions, they accentuate the appearance of shiny skin.