August 2, 2013

How To Pose In A Bikini Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Have you ever noticed that the girls competing for Miss World all adopt the same pose during the ”Swimsuit” section of the contest? It’s not a contest rule, it’s actually a carefully studied pose, meant to highlight the body form its best angles. Learn the tricks of achieving the perfect posture while posing in a bikini and use the invaluable knowledge each time somebody wants to take a photo of you in a swimsuit. Say goodbye to the practice of deleting half of your vacation photos once you get home!

DO: Turn your body about 45 degrees away from the camera, maintaining your gaze towards it – this pose will make you appear slimmer.

DO: Put your weight onto the back hip/leg, in order to avoid contracting the front hip/leg.

DO: If you choose to place your hands on your hips, do it at the most narrow point of your waist and make sure you stick your elbows out (otherwise, you will appear to have no hands). If you don’t want to rest your hands on your hips, you can do anything else you want with them, as long as the pose feels natural (you can try sticking them in your hair in a playful and sexy way)

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DO: Cheat! Contract your abdomen muscles so that your belly seems more toned and more supple.

DO: Keep your chin up! – Especially if you’re on the beach, where tilting your chin down can cast shadows over your face.

DO: If you wish to pose from a side angle, arch your back a bit and stick your derriere out (without exaggerating!) – And don’t forget! The weight should land on the back leg.

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DO: Take a look at how the gorgeous Candice Swanepoel, Victoria’s Secret Angel and one of the hottest supermodels of the moment, poses in a bikini for the VS swimwear campaigns.

DON’T: Don’t slouch, or your abdomen will look flabby!

DON’T: Never pose with your entire body facing the camera. A photo in which your body is directed towards the camera at a single angle can make you look wider and shorter.

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DON’T: Never let your wight be supported by the leg closest to the camera. The front leg should be flexed in order to look slimmer.

DON’T: Unless you were blessed with perfect legs, you should never pose with your legs too far apart – this pose will make you look wider and shorter and it will additionally highlight any flaws around your legs that you may want to hide (for instance, it will make your thighs appear thicker).

DON’T: Never push further the hip closest to the camera. This will make it appear larger and wider than it actually is.


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