April 9, 2012

How to look fresh after a flight


Plane flights don’t provide you with enough oxygen and moisture that the skin needs to stay hydrated. So a few hours of flight will dry your skin, make it look pale and flaky. In addition, flight can stress you, and this affects the hormones in your body, so this way you are more likely to get pimples.

To look your best after such a trip I recommend you to fully hydrate throughout the period, drinking water, but also using a moisturizer before getting in the plane, or even before landing. A hydrated skin will always make you look fresher.

The best thing would be to travel without having makeup on, because it dries your skin. However, if you want a little camouflage, choose a moisturizing foundation, but skip the powder, it also dries the skin.

For a refreshing effect choose a creamy blush instead of a compact one. Apply it with fingers before getting at the destination. Keep thermal water with you and spray it on your face from time to time to supplement the water in the cells, but also to refresh yourself.

Before the landing you can apply a little concealer if you want to look more rested, and a touch of gloss on the lips. Comb your hair; bed hair can make you look tired.



Photos: vogue.es, theclassywoman.blogspot.com, theclassywoman.blogspot.com