March 17, 2014

How to get your business to go viral. A class by Karl Lagerfeld, via emotiKarls!

Is there, I wonder, somebody else who could, at the very same time, be Chanel’s designer and master of an ever increasingly viral empire? No. Karl Lagerfeld is unique. Even more strongly arguably so since he says that ’’Trendy is the last stage before tacky.’’ So, Lagerfeld’s viral is not even your run of the mill viral, a viral that must, obviously, be trendy. It is a para-trendy viral or, we could easily bet it’s called, viraKarl.

#Karl Karl Lagerfeld viral

Why viraKarl? It’s obvious. The same way it was for emotiKarls! Still, explaining the 5 pillars of viraKarl by using just emotiKarls is a bit of a challenge. So, here they are, listed next to a quick tutorial into making a Karl-portrait and a brief introduction to Karl’s viral alphabet.

Karl Lagerfeld has gone viral and…

1. his (mere) look, not to speak of Chanel’s collections, Fendi collaborations, own collection and countless capsule-collections, is a bestseller

2. he launches more collections, limited editions and Lagerfeld labelled items that the press can publish – the it Karl of the moment is his new perfume, available exclusively at Macy’s and is to soon be followed by a Karl Lagerfeld x Melissa kitten heel shoes collection

3. he opens, an average of, one store every 3 weeks – next are London and the Middle East

4. he provides viral inspiration as well as provides for Karl and viral lovers everything from emotiKarls to a bounty of readily shareable Karlisms and iPads in his fitting rooms, for Karl-powered selfies

5. is enough to say Karl and… you’ll never hear Karl who?

5’. just one word Choupette! – read all about it, it’s viral!

#Karl Karl Lagerfeld viral emotiKarls

#Karl Karl Lagerfeld viral emoticons emotiKarl


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