July 27, 2012

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

It’s common knowledge that eyebrows are amongst the key-features when it comes to one’s face, so don’t ever neglect them! A pair of extremely-thin eyebrows can make you look considerably older, while a pair of bushy brows will strip away the brightness from your eyes and make you look like the feminine version of Yeti. Here are a few simple tricks to ensure that your eyebrows look their best:

1. The formula for perfect eyebrows goes like this: your eyebrows should start straight up from the ball of your nose (not the edge of your nostrils!), the arch should begin to round at the highest point, just outside each eyes’ iris and then go downwards towards the end of your eyes.

2. Adapt the shape of the eyebrows to the natural shape of your face. A round or heart-shaped face requires sharply-arched eyebrows, while an oval or rectangular face requires a softer, more rounded arch.

3. If you’re afraid to determine the shape of your eyebrows by yourself, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional, from a professional beauty salon. Just remember to let your eyebrows grow beforehand, so they can be shaped.

4. Use slanted tweezers instead of needle-point ones. The former are better for grasping really short hairs.

5. Apply a clear brow gel so that your eyebrows maintain their shape all day long. You may also use the nourishing clear gel that you use as a base coat for your lashes.

6. To mask the holes in your brows, use a pencil a shade lighter than your natural hair colour. A taupe pencil works for almost every hair colour.

7. To hide the tiny hairs that grow right beneath your eyebrows, but are too short to be grasped by tweezers, use a highlighter pencil in a soft, pale pink shade.

8. Don’t ever try to overly tweeze or wax your brows in the hope that they’ll grow back fuller. Not only will the extremely-thin eyebrow look make you look like an old lady, you also run the risk of your brows not growing back much.

Photos courtesy of: kleinanzeigen.ebay.de, werdyo.com