September 14, 2012

How to get berry, precise lips

Berry lips as seen on the Gucci’s show, are one of the hottest look for this fall/winter season. Here’s how you can achieve them:

For your lips to be perfect, you need to use a lip liner to draw their shape. Make sure the liner is very thin and precise, so you can and trace the contour of your lips like a pro.

Choose a quality matte lipstick and layer it over the lined lips. Use a lipstick pencil if you want to make sure you don’t put lipstick over the drawn contour.


Blot with a tissue every time you apply the lipstick, and reapply. If you use this trick you will make your lipstick last longer.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath chose to minimize the eyebrows, to emphasize even more the lips. If you want to achieve the same effect you can use a brow gel in a lighter color; it will make your eyebrows a shade lighter.