November 7, 2012

How to fake big eyes

Big eyes have always been a reference for beauty. If you were born like this, you have to be sure you won’t spoil them, by applying the wrong make-up. Here are a few tips on making them bright and wide-open:

1. Curling your lashes before or after applying mascara can really open your eyes. If you decide to do it after, make sure your mascara is dried.

2. False Eyelashes can look great and make your eyes look better, if applied correctly. Choose individual false lashes; they look more natural for the everyday wear. Finish with a coat of mascara.

3. Put a little of light eye shadow at the inside ridge of your eye, near the tear duct. Then use a creamy, white, eye pencil and try lining your lower lids. It will brighten and open your eyes.

4. Use a highlighter along the brow bone, just below the brow, and blend it well into the skin. Do the same thing for the bottom of the eye.

5. Apply more than just a layer of mascara. Just make sure you let it dry in between coats. Choose mascara with collagen, it will also nourish your lashes.

6. Keep your brows manicured. Brush them upwards, trim them, wax and pluck away everything is underneath them. The right shape of brows can transform your entire face. If you’re not good at it and you’re afraid of over-tweezing them, get a professional help.

7. Avoid using mascara or eyeliner on the lower lashes. For most of the women this will only make their eyes look smaller.

8. Apply eyeliner starting from three-quarters of the eye and work your way out, making a little wing in the outer corner. Avoid putting anything dark in your inner corners; it would only make eyes look smaller.