June 21, 2012

How To Dress To Match Your Man – The Sophisticated Downtown Guy

Now that you’ve successfully gone past the first date and landed the man of your dreams, it’s time to consider the way you should dress so that the two of you make the most stylish couple anyone has ever seen. Naturally, you needn’t fundamentally change the way you dress; after all, the goal is to be yourself. You should however adapt your style to your partner’s.

If He’s The Sophisticated Downtown Guy

If he enjoys the theatre and knows the newest restaurants that have just been opened, you can assume that this man will be taking you to the most interesting places in town.

He’s not into wild concerts and would never take you to a fast food joint, and his taste in clothes reflect his lifestyle, being what one could call “urban elegance”.

He will most definitely like seeing you dressed in monochrome pieces or small patterns and luxurious fabrics. You’ll score extra points if you wear elaborate, sophisticated jewelry and he will notice and appreciate if you invest in a pair of leather gloves rather than wearing regular fabric ones.

To make your elegant outfit stand out, as well as giving it a youthful spin, inject a dose of colour (try neon colours), in the form of an oversized clutch bag, a bright pair of shoes or even a colourful jacket.


Topshop Skirt – €53
Diane von Furstenberg pumps
Diane von Furstenberg pumps – €171
Parfois ring – €15
Armani Exchange watch
Armani Exchange watch – €79
Parfois sunglasses – €20
Oscar de la Renta top
Oscar de la Renta top – €531
Michael Kors clutch
Michael Kors clutch – €354
Mango bracelet
Mango bracelet – €18
Mango bracelet
Mango bracelet – €18
Mango bracelet
Mango bracelet – €18
If the sophisticated downtown guy is not your type, find out how to dress to match the conservative guy, the sports enthusiast, the artist, the businessman or the fun-out-on-the-town guy.
Photo courtesy of: sidewalkhustle.com