June 12, 2012

How To Dress To Match Your Man – The Artist

Now that you’ve successfully gone past the first date and landed the man of your dreams, it’s time to consider the way you should dress so that the two of you make the most stylish couple anyone has ever seen. Naturally, you needn’t fundamentally change the way you dress; after all, the goal is to be yourself. You should however adapt your style to your partner’s.

If He’s The Artist

If your man enjoys attending the wackyest new exhibitions in town, art-nouveau buildings and post modernist installations, if he’s already read the latest novel of some obscure writer that you haven’t even heard of and enjoys sharing with you his passion for art and history, your sense of style better suit his artistic persona.

Exciting prints, exotic colour combinations, quirky, even hand-made jewelry, bold patterns, anything Pop art and everything that screams “artsy” and “avant-garde”.

You can try on kooky outfits and not only will he not raise an eyebrow, he will even join you in your unconventional style. Challenge your limits by choosing avant-garde pieces, to showcase your unique sense of style.

Stella McCartney mini skirt
Stella McCartney mini skirt – €464
ASOS hair accessory
ASOS hair accessory – €10
Ankle booties
Ankle booties – myhotshoes.com – €28
Dannijo ring
Dannijo ring – €195
Dannijo ring
Dannijo ring – €195
Lulu Guinness clutch
Lulu Guinness clutch – €310
Riverisland Top – €37
Juicy Couture earrings
Juicy Couture earrings – €33
­If your man isn’t so much into art, learn how to dress for the sports enthusiast, the businessman, the sophisticated downtown guy, the fun-out-on-the-town guy, or the conservative guy.
Photo courtesy of: mirror.co.uk