June 22, 2012

How to choose your eyeshadow depending on the light

We all know colors play an imprtant role in our life, and light makes the colors look different. But has it ever occured to you that  it’s the same thing when you’re using makeup?

That’s why when choosing the eyeshadow it would be better to take into consideration the type of light you are going to deal with. For example, when you are going outside, in the natural light, it’s recommended to use very delicate, desaturated colors, close to the natural skin and eye color. If you have brown eyes, try nude  eyeshadows, and if you have green or blue eyes, stick with diferent tones of grey.

When going in a club, or a place that uses neon lights, the light is cold, and it has tones of blue. You should avoid pink, gold and silver shades, and choose warm colors, like brown and peach. As for the face, a tanned skin will look better than a white one.

If you’re planning a romantic dinner at the canddle lights, keep in mind that you should stay away from orange and yellow, theese are the same colors that the light of the candles has. Blue, violet or pink eyeshadows will compliment your face better, as well as the pearl eyeshadows.

Photos: rockefellernews.com, southstar.com.br, nuptialdresses.com