October 12, 2012

How to change your makeup depending on your hair color

Going from sweet blonde to a rich dark shade chestnut shade, or the other way, may be a change you feel to try, in between summer and winter. If you decide to dramatically change your hair color, bear in mind that you also need to match your makeup with your new look. Here are some advices on that, from makeup artist Ricky Wilson.


Crazy eye shadow? Maybe not.

“When your hair is lighter, you can do more crazy things with eye shadow and liner. But the minute you go darker, you need keep it more neutral around the eyes. Otherwise, you can look really overdone.”


Lips that talk the right language

“When you have darker hair, you can do brights or a really vampy lip, which is hot right now. And those colors won’t have as much of an impact on a blonde.”


Watch your complexion

“If your skin tone is fair to medium, you can look really washed out with darker hair because the contrast between your skin and your hair color is so much greater. The best way to combat that is to use bronzer to bring out some warmth.”


Quiet eyebrows

“Having darker hair doesn’t necessarily mean you need darker brows. Use a light hand when filling them in, and use a soft shade of brown. ”



Photos: mintice.pixnet.net