August 30, 2012

How long are your beauty products good for your skin?


Keeping the beauty creams and lotions longer than they’re supposed to, can ruin skin balance and irritate the tissues. But when do you know your beauty product is harming you, rather than making you radiant?


Moisturizing creams

Though face creams may last more than a year, depending on the ingredients they have, it is not recommended to use one longer than this, because they can get bacteria in, by dipping repeatedly into the jar.


Usually, facemasks are good for your skin about three months. After that, their buffering agents ingredients can start evaporating, and leave the main active ingredients irritating.

Acne products

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, the most common ingredients found in the acne treatments go bad quickly, and don’t last more than six months.

Face Scrubs

They can be good for you about two years. After that, they become dangerous because they gather bacteria from the exterior.

Sunscreen lotions

You can keep them for about two years, but only if you’re not leaving them in hot places, and store them properly.

Products in an ampoule

These formulas have the shortest period of life and they’re usually packed for a single use. This is because they contain ingredients that can easily oxide, like vitamin C or E.