February 6, 2013

How about a February evening with Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret

February 6. What day is today? The perfect day to get your swimsuit for the ever approaching summer!

The ’’summer bliss’’ mood is sure to wash over us sometime in late May, so why save the Victoria’s Secret joy until then and not spice up our February evening with Victoria’s Secret trend watch ideas, Victoria’s Secret bikini mixer prints, low necklines and shapely cuts, and maybe get to come our way a sea breezy USD 59 & under Victoria’s Secret parcel, or even get a Victoria’s Secret e-gift card for our best-friend-soon-to-be-happiest-friend?

I’ll leave you with Behati Prinsloo, Maroon 5, waves and your perfect swimsuit. I already have mine.



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Photo sources: beautyworldnews.com, examiner.com