August 28, 2013

Hollywood and Gucci rooting for Rush, an epic thriller about the legends of Formula 1

Rush Ron Howard Chris Hemsworth Gucci Frida Giannini

You know what’s absolutely great? It’s great going to see a thriller bursting with action – Rush – about one of the most competitive fierce rivalries the world has ever seen, raging between two racing idols – James Hunt and Niki Lauda – so talented and driven that they defined the golden age of a sport.

And it’s even more fantastic when the movie is directed by a two-time Academy Award winner – Ron Howard – has among its cast the living impersonation of its leading character – actor Chris Hemsworth – and the production is so meticulous down to detail that it’s able to virtually recreate the feel of the times, the legendary 1970s.

But what, for me, is wonderful is that involved in the foreseeable fantastic success of the movie are Frida Giannini and Gucci Gucci Gucci. No, I haven’t started stammering, it’s just enthusiasm and the fact that Gucci and some more Gucci is what’s on the labels of Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde and the entire cast’s costumes.

And extraordinary still is the fact that the Italian house’s fantastic designer has been able to find in Rush and its characters both a type of sensuality that she has always felt as extremely inspiring, and the essentials of a natural feeling luxury so characteristic of Gucci. And this is how the up-style looks of the actors in Rush don’t just have a thoroughly researched vintage feel, as they often are designs selected from the Gucci archives or Giannini’s creations from past seasons. And now this is fabulous!

Rush Ron Howard Chris Hemsworth Gucci Frida Giannini

Rush Ron Howard Gucci Frida Giannini


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Photo source: Gucci