May 25, 2012

Holiday inspired nail polish

Painted nails in shades that make you think about holiday, and make your bronzed skin look even better, are always a delight for my eyes in the summer. It is true that you can paint your nails in colors in the other seasons too, but during summertime they have a special charm, and make any outfit look more exquisite or diaphanous, depending on what colors you choose.

One of the most anticipated nail polish collections is the one from Chanel.  This brand is the one that usually launches the nail-statement for the next season. This summer collection is, of course, a limited edition, as beautiful as the names of the shades: Island, for a nude pearl, Holiday, for an exotic coral, Delight, for a shimmering bronze, which can easily compete with tanned skin.

Each nail polish costs $ 26 and can be purchased in any perfumery. Only one of them makes an exception. The Beige is available to buy only online.