March 9, 2015

Highlights of Milan Fashion Week F/W 2015-2016

Maybe the most important week of the year – Milan Fashion Week, transforms the entire city Italian into one magnificent fashion runway. Milan gets to host in just 7 days up to 10 000 people arrived especially for the event. And its streets turn into genuine catwalks. Opulent outfits, dizzyingly high heels or the most en vogue accessories parade with perfect coordination through the streets of the city, hurrying to get from one show to the next.

Welcome to Milano Fashion Week!

Janina Nectara: It’s been a week full of spectacular events. From countless fashion runways, up to interviewing favourite designers and top models.

If this event is so spectacular, it’s thanks to the creative minds from behind the collections. I am talking about the designers.


Roberto Cavalli, Anna Molinari and Nicholas K are just some of the designers to have brought life to the event through their creations.


JN: I was honoured by the fact that the great designers of the world, the big players on the international fashion scene, have invited us backstage, exclusively for Observator Special, in order to see the collections that were about to be shown on the catwalk. I’m saying this because, usually, the pre-show preparations are held away from the eyes of the press, and the collections are more confidential than the FBI files.


On the list of famous Milan Fashion Week interviews is also that of Roberto Cavalli.


JN: Exclusively for Observator Special, we are backstage with the magnificent Roberto Cavalli. Roberto, what are we going to see in a couple of minutes?


Roberto Cavalli: A piece of my art.


JN: Practically, we’ve managed what very few do. Roberto Cavalli took time for us, right before the show, when the nervousness reaches peak levels. We must be special. I’m saying this since countless TV stations and magazines from throughout the world were waiting for a chance to speak to the designer.


Roberto Cavalli: Every woman that stops me in the street says: Roberto, you are fantastic! I love you! When I create a collection, I think about her and I think about what would she love, really…


It’s not just the great designers to have spoken exclusively for Observator Special. The beauty goddesses from the temple of fashion have shared their ingredients to a dazzling career.


JN: They’ve let me in on the secrets of success.


Victoria Silvstedt: Lots of sleep, no alcohol… But I’m not really following that too much.


JN: How to get to model the catwalks of the world’s biggest designers and how to keep fit and looking impeccable.


Victoria Silvstedt: I try, but… And you know… If you have fun and you’re in love, it certainly helps. We love Observator Special. Baci!


JN: We’ve also learnt many tricks from the photographers of magazines such as Vogue or Women’s Wear Daily. They have pinpointed just the steps to make for a stylish presence constantly sought by the blitzes.


Scott Schuman: My name is Scott Schuman and you’re watching Observator Special!


JN: He is the most famous and the very first street style photographer in the world.


Next on Janina’s list were the fashion bloggers.


Mariano Di Vaio: Hello everyone! My name is Mariano Di Vaio and I love Observator Special!


JN: The fashion lovers’ idols didn’t get spared by our questions either. Bryanboy, Ingrid Chua, Chiara Ferragni or Mariano Di Vaio have portrayed for us the fascinating world of top blogging.


We are talking about bloggers that have turned their websites into million euro businesses and that feature in the promotional campaigns of the most revered brands, such as Saint Laurent, Dior or Calvin Klein.


JN: And the stories don’t end here. Next week we’ll be talking to the biggest designers for tips on styling and beauty. And who could have possibly be given us better advice than the ones actually making fashion?!


We love Observator Special!


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