June 13, 2013

Learn How To Sculpt Your Features With Highlights And Lowlights


Streaks – whether we’re talking highlights (a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour) or lowlights (a shade or two darker than your natural hair colour), have the miraculous power of sculpting the shape of your face, highlighting your best features and making you look younger, fresher and more glowing overall. This can of course only happen if they are applied expertly. Otherwise, they can have the exact opposite effect, so find out which type of hihglights and lowlights you should go for to enhance your natural beauty:

If you have a round face

>> A round face needs cheekbone defining. To get the illusion of higher, more defined cheekbones, lowlights should be used at the base of the hairline, near the roots, while highlights should be used from the ears down. The overall effect will be that your face seems elongated.

If you have an oval face

>> To make an oval-shaped face look more round, it’s recommended that highlights are placed starting with the bottom few inches of the hair.

If you have a heart-shaped face

>> Balance out a narrow chin with highlights in that particular area, making it appear more defined. Avoid lowlights at the level of your jawline, as well as towards your roots.

If you have a square-shape face

>> The best option for a square-shaped face is to distribute highlights around your entire hair, focusing on the front part, near your face, in order to frame it.


Extra tips:

1. The shade of your highlights or lowlights should never be more than two tones lighter or darker than your natural colour, so that the result can look natural.

2. Even if you’ve dared to dye your own hair at home before, creating highlights and lowlights is a much more complex endeavour, so let a professional stylist help you with it.

3. The perfect tone for highlights and lowlights highly depends on your natural hair colour. Again, let a stylist help you with this, as he or she can expertly decide the optimum shades that can complement your hair tone.

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Photos courtesy of: minkpink.com, cosmo.ru