July 15, 2013

Do You Know How To Highlight Your Natural Beauty?

You’ve probably noticed at some point in your life that both in terms of makeup as well as when it comes to clothing, there are some colours that, in spite of the fact that you adore them, they simply do not suit you. It’s time to learn how to choose the colours that are suitable for you, so that what you wear can highlight your natural beauty.

You are, of course, free to wear what you like, no matter the tone of your skin, but the advice below serves to show you the options that work best for you:

Stand in front of a mirror, with absolutely no makeup on your face. Do this in a room with natural light, as artificial sources of light may alter your perception, creating various optical illusions. Also, improvise a white backdrop by hanging a white sheet behind you. The colour of the furniture, walls and any of your surroundings can trick your eyes into seeing tones that don’t exist. Don’t wear coloured clothing (wear a white towel or T-shirt) and cover your hair with a white towel, so that your eyes may solely focus on the colour of your skin.


There are quite a few ways of determining the undertones of your skin:

>> Analyse yourself thoroughly in the mirror. If you notice a blue-ish hint, your skin likely has cool undertones. A yellow-ish hint points to warm undertones, while a green-ish tint means you have neutral undertones.

>> Take two pieces of jewelry, one silver and one gold, and hold them close to your skin (preferably, the face and neck area). Alternate between them and analyse closely. If the gold seems in perfect harmony with your skin, chances are you have warm undertones, but if the silver looks amazing on you, you probably have cool undertones.

>> Take a close look to the veins on your forearms. If you notice a blue/purple-ish hint, your skin has cool undertones. If you have veins that veer towards an olive or green shade, you have skin with warm undertones. If you have veins that are both blue and green, you are in the neutral zone.


Now that you’ve established the undertone of your skin, use this piece of valuable information wisely, to highlight your natural beauty!

Whether we’re talking about makeup or clothing colour, don’t forget that:

For skin with cool undertones -> silver, grey, pink, fuchsia, purple, jewel-tones (emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red), white.

Lipstick: go for cool shades with hints of blue. Steer clear of yellow-ish tones, such as coral red.

Foundation: neutral or pink-based shades

Blush: pink, red-ish pink. Stay away from peach.


If you have skin with warm undertones -> gold, copper, bronze, orange, olive, brown, yellow, salmon pink, peach, as well as any earthy tone.

Lipstick: choose warm shades with yellow/orange undertones. Steer clear of cool shades with blue/purple undertones.

Foundation: yellow-based, peach-based shades

Blush: peach, bronze or any orange-based shade


For skin with neutral undertones: you are lucky enough to get to wear whatever you want!


-> Black is the exception to the rule, as it goes with both cold and warm undertones, as well as with neutral skin.


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Photos courtesy of: jnyl.org.cn, shuuemura.co.uk