August 29, 2012

High Heels make your feet stiff

Wearing high heels is great, but has it ever occured to you that this might actually affect your health? A research has revealed that women might even get anatomical changes in their legs from wearing high heels most of the time.

According to, scientists studied woman who wore heels at least two inches high for an average of 60 hours per week, and compared the results with the one from woman who wore mostly flats. They saw that woman who wear hills have shorter calf-muscle fibers and stiffer Achilles tendons. Because of this changes the ankle joint becomes more rigid and has a smaller range of motion, and the flat shoes become very unconfortable.

For avoiding this thing, doctors recommend streching the calves every day, by standing on tiptoes on a step, going down and rising again, a couple of times a day.