January 14, 2013

High fashion e-commerce, a must for designers, a maybe for young entrepreneurs


As an excellent The Business of Fashion article concludes, the evolution of the fashion electronic commerce did come a long and spectacular way over the last decade.

In the late ‘90s e-commerce expectations were running high, fuelled by the incredible evolution of the internet, yet the technology, general infrastructure or market, for that matter, were insufficiently prepared to consistently uphold this complex business.

Costs are only one of the market entry barriers, the challenges of which, none the less, amount to more than enough of a proper wake up call with respects to the intricacies of the business. The expenses with the online interface of the virtual store hide a wealth of other investments that an e-store aiming at the high end market are bound to prioritize – the variety and quality of the products on offer are crucial and do entail significant financial power.

Net-a-Porter, Yoox, Neiman Marcus or Shopbop are some of the success stories behind the growing online retail market that, benefiting from a rich buzz of new e-commerce optimizing solutions, is estimated to reach a worth of USD 279 billion, by 2015, in the US alone.

And it is the so very useful platforms like Pinterest, The Fancy, but mostly Lyst and Svpply that allow users to define their preferences and then efficiently structure from among the intimidating millions of options given by electronic shopping, that are part of those leading the way in today’s online commerce boom.

Victoria Beckham is to open her online store later this spring, but it is business students with a passion for fashion that say that fashion e-commerce is already an accessible option for a profitable and creative start up.



Photo sources: businessinsider.com, saturday-london.com, raindropsofsapphire.com