December 22, 2013

Her look in your wardrobe. The style stealing app

Aaah, the free mobile app allowing you to snap a photo of your style craving, looking it up in the stocks of up to 400 high street stores and among the designs of over 1 700 brands and them serving you on a platter with the most faithfully similar picks organised by label and price next to an astounding number of discounts, the queen of fashion apps is here! I just had to lay out the wonder app’s – Style-Eyes – key features in one leaving-short-of-breath phrase because the enthusiasm of having found it is entirely met by the thrill of seeing it be exactly the way we’ve always dreamt it would be, or maybe as if we’ve designed it ourselves!

And I’ve said it all! It’s still useful to know that it works as a style catcher for both magazine editorials and the reaps of your spontaneous street style photography and is available for iPhone and Android, but I’m sure you’ve downloaded it after my very first sentence and you already know all of this. So, then this is it for now, we’ve got some The Sartorialist versus Carrie Bradshaw business to attend to!

Janina Nectara street style Vogue France

Janina Nectara The Sartorialist Andreea Macri


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Photos: Style-Eyes, Vogue France, Andreea Macri