August 5, 2013

Henry Holland Offers Temptations Sweeter Than Ice Cream


It’s crystal clear – I have to move to the UK. Right now! More precisely – in London or Manchester. Why, you ask? Because there, I wouldn’t be woken up in the early hours of the morning by the Betty Ice truck, with its annoyingly repetitive song and its perpetual lack of my personal favourite – melon-flavoured ice cream. Instead, I would come across another type of van – one much more to my linking –

Henry Holland, the designer behind the ultra-cool House of Holland label, has come up with a genius idea to promote his brand – Mr. Quiffy (a nod to the designer’s signature hairdo), is a type of van that fashionistas will be chasing after in more of a hurry than they were to catch the elusive ice cream truck as children, as it contains delicacies much more tempting than any iced dessert.



Painted in a mosaic of the label’s signature bold graphic prints, the adorable Mr. Quiffy will become, for the remainder of the summer and the following month, the House of Holland flagship store – on wheels – offering a menu of fashionable treats – a capsule collection featuring T-shirts, shorts, skirts, accessories and eyewear, all very affordably priced (prices range between € 28 and € 172).


The super-creative strategy, perfectly in tune with the label’s fresh and playful spirit, will allow Holland’s team to learn the fans’ preferences (each staff member will take turns to be behind the wheel of the truck, including Henry himself), as well as establishing the perfect place to open the first House of Holland store – this time around, in brick and mortar.

If you happen to be in the UK within the next two months (you lucky girl!), make sure to find out where you can come across #MrQuiffy, by accessing the House Of Holland Official Twitter page.

And don’t you feel guilty – all of the sweet temptations offered by Holland are sugarfree – therefore, guilt-free!


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