July 16, 2013

Have you heard the new Benetton campaign?

Benetton fall winter 2013 2014 campaign


Yes, have you heard it? Because it’s loud about the Benetton colours and good vibrations, all in a universal language. A language of youth, spontaneity, openness and passion for music and people!

So it goes, that, finally, Benetton’s activism for correct and noble causes, from biodiversity to global political un-hating – the images of Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy kissing, you know them – reached its optimistic end.

Six young people energised by talent and fuelled with passion, expressing themselves through rock or pop, techno or hip-hop, alternative or classic, lending their faces for the yous and mes loving the bright and dynamic clothing of our state of mind!

Talent and happiness are always sexy – just like Benetton, don’t you think?

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Photo source: Benetton