July 12, 2013

Have you basked in summer’s hot luxury campaigns?

The months building up to the great summer holidays have been alight with luxury brands’ ideas meant to thrill and turn their fans into true enthusiasts. And these ideas have taken a variety of shapes and forms, their core, nonetheless, being the meeting between technology and emotion.

luxurydaily.com put together a ranking of the most captivating digital campaigns, and fashionavecpassion.com is glad to have followed quite a few among them.

Burberry kisses

For instance, the loving campaign from Burberry, who encourage fans to capture their kiss on the mobile device’s camera and send it flying in whatever corner of the world, via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Or the 35th anniversary of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vera shoes, celebrated by discovering 21 women wearing Varas and Varinas, the ways in which they complement their looks, as well as the opportunity to get your own personalised pair.

Or even the new revamped Versus Versace vision, and the hangout session with Donatella Versace.

Hugo Boss Shanghai Affairs

Other alluring, sometime bewitching campaigns are the shoppable videos of Hugo Boss’ Shanghai Affairs collection, the Instagram and Twitter #WhatsInYourKors frenzy triggered by the energetic Michael Kors, and also the Hermès Rallye 24 game having us driving a wheeled pickle to gather as many mushrooms to put on our porcelain platter as possible.

As for a true comeback of elegance and class, the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection from Cartier waltzes from the poetry of the city on the Seine to its I Love Paris soundtrack, for a series of short films encapsulating the essential emotion behind each piece of jewellery.

The summer of online luxury is just as hot as the outside temperature!


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Photo sources: Burberry, Hugo Boss

Video source: Cartier