August 14, 2013

Haircare Tips: Choose The Right Hair Brush


You’re in touch with the latest additions to the hair care products department, you have an excellent relationship with your stylist and you use the most innovative serums, oils and masks to take care of your precious mane. But are you sure you have a firm grasp on a basic element, which is choosing the right hair brush? Find out right now!

>> For wet hair – use a plastic comb with rare and flexible teeth. Wet hair is very sensitive and prone to breaking, so never handle it aggressively. Comb softly through it with patience, starting from the tips and working your way towards the roots to detangle. To ease things, you may apply a special detangling serum.

>> For drying and straightening – use a brush with natural boar hair. Natural bristles redistribute the natural oils from your own hair all over the hair shaft, offering a glossy finish. Make sure you choose a brush with a sturdy wooden handle and dense bristles.

>> For drying and curling – use a magnesium brush. The heat generated by your dryer will warm the brush, helping your curls dry faster and keep their shape for a longer time. Make sure you choose a heat-resistant model.

>> For daily brushing of dry hair – use a mixt-bristle brush (half synthetic bristles, half boar/porcupine bristles), or simply choose a synthetic brush (with nylon bristles). These types of brushes put less tension on your hair than a 100% natural bristle brush and are perfect for day-to-day detangling and offering a smooth & glossy finish.


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