May 22, 2012

Hair products that prevent color degradation

Anyone can dye her hair, but not everyone can have gorgeous, vibrant, colored hair. One of the most important factors in maintaining beautiful, colored hair, are the products that you wash your head with.

Most of them contain sulfate, a cleaning agent that produces foam and causes the degradation of the hair color. That’s why when choosing your shampoo you should keep this in mind. Sulfate can be replaced with a delicate mixture derived from coco and sugar, which cleanses the hair without decreasing its color.

A sulfate free range will be launched within a couple of days by the L’Occitane brand. The shampoo, conditioner and mask for the brilliance and care of the hair contain five essential oils (geranium, Palma Rosa, bergamot, rosemary, cedar), grape seed extract and UV filter, which prevents color degradation.



Because the cleaning is very delicate, the products can be used daily. The shampoo and conditioner costs €15 each, and the hair mask, €25. The range can be found in pharmacies.