September 6, 2012

Guilt-free Chocolate

How many times have you greedily set your sights on a bar of chocolate, knowing that you only have two options: eating it to the very last piece, with the risk of adding three days’ worth of fat and four days’ worth of sugar to your diet, or take a single bite, which for some, myself included, is more torture than satisfaction.

Good news, chocolate lovers! Researchers form the Warwick Institute in England have come up with a solution to replace 50% of the fat in chocolate, without altering its taste or texture!!!

The miraculous ingredient, which will substitute cocoa butter and milk fats, responsible for chocolate’s delicious, creamy taste, is none other that fruit juice. A study published by Dr. Stefan Bon indicates that tiny droplets of orange and cranberry juice, measuring no more than 30 microns in diameter, can be infused in chocolate, through a special process that guarantees they will remain separated, instead of sticking together. The final result? Chocolate that maintains its Polymorph V content, which is actually the thing that gives the delicious desert its creamy-on-the-inside-hard-on-the-outside texture, its glossy texture and its unique taste that make it so enjoyable.

And because the study also points out that the final product may taste a little bit fruity, researchers at the Warwick Institute have found a solution for this too: adding water and a small quantity of asorbic acid (Vitamin C) to the recipe will ensure that you won’t even tell the difference when you’ll finally get to indulge in the miracle-chocolate, guilt-free.

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