July 1, 2013

Guess heats up the global party with Claudia Schiffer and DJ Tiesto


American brand Guess continues to fuel its worldwide momentum with ever new footholds of overseas expansion as well as high impact global campaigns. Russia and Japan are among the company’s current main development coordinates, while goddess Claudia Schiffer and DJ extraordinaire Tiesto are wearing the distinct Guess look – sexy, casual and elegant, in an original mix – across all time zones.

Guess Tiesto

Moscow is the most recent of Guess foreign headquarters, and it is aimed to coordinate a fully-fledged conquest of Russia, with 8 stores open by the end of summer and not fewer than 100 by 2016, in the words of Paul Marciano, CEO and Creative Director of the group. Yet more proof of the strategic and charm offensive in full motion onto the Russian market, the opening of the capital HQ and mega store was celebrated with an ultra exclusive cocktail party hosted by Marciano himself, joined by the brand’s quintessential icon for its entire 30 year history, Claudia Schiffer.

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Furthermore, Guess is planning a comeback to the Japanese market and has a similarly bright horizon in mind for the following 3 years – 40 own of franchised stores throughout the country. Among other destinations highly attractive for Guess, Marciano is also listing South Korea, Germany, Greater China and Mexico.

The brand’s 5-Year Annual Revenue Growth Rate is in excess of 8%, while the numbers in its latest report show a quarterly revenue increase of 5%, worth USD 815 million. Asia has by far been the Americans’ top performing regional market, with 19% over Europe’s 3% and North America’s 2%.


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Photo source: Guess