September 19, 2013

Opulence doubled by nonchalance in the GUCCI S/S 2014 fashion show

Gucci spring summer 2014 #GUCCISS14

The Gucci spring-summer 2014 collection has had high anticipation met with hints of revolutionary design. The expectations of the fashion world were rewarded with examples of quintessentially Gucci DNA and, not shying away from words, innovation.

Gucci spring summer 2014 #GUCCISS14

Just the way that the Gucci woman evokes both strength and chic femininity in her own style choices, the collection has been able to prove eclectic sets of ideas. Seductive and athletic. Sleek yet ornate. Fluid graphics embellishing straight, deep sleets and unexpected cuts. Kimonos and Art Nouveau. Silk and mesh transparencies.

’’Intricate elegance, enlivened by a refined ornamentalism’’, in the words of Frida Giannini herself.

Gucci spring summer 2014 #GUCCISS14

I left the Gucci show with my heart filled with the bellow-the-knee cocktail dresses of the next season. And, in my mind, with the fascination of how each new Gucci collection, no matter how far it seems to be testing its own aesthetic limits, always remains impeccably, undoubtedly Gucci. The secret surely is Frida Giannini.

Gucci spring summer 2014 #GUCCISS14 Frida Giannini


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Photo source: Gucci