July 26, 2012

Gucci Wins Trademark Infringement Case

World-famous Italian brand Gucci has won a case against siblings Guccio Gucci and Alessandro Gucci, two of the great-grandsons of its founder, who were found guilty of trademark infringement.

The offence for which the two were found guilty resides in using the name Guccio Gucci in a series of branding and marketing strategies for their own line of bags, “ToBeG”, launched in 1989 by Guccio and his father Giorgio, after 12 years during which the former worked for Gucci.

The use of the name Gucci is considered to constitute “an act of unfair competition to Gucci’s detriment because the advertising materials of the defendant caused confusion with Gucci’s products and business activities and took unfair advantage of the qualities and reputation of Gucci’s products”.

This isn’t however the first time when the Italian brand has had to go to court to defend its trademark rights. In 2009, Gucci won a case against Jennifer Gucci (ex-wife of Paolo Gucci, Guccio Gucci’s grandson), who owned a chain of Gucci coffee shops, winning two more cases just a year later, one against Cosimo Gucci, who intended to launch a line of luxury Gucci products in Hong Kong, and another against Elisabetta Gucci, who planned on opening an international chain of Gucci hotels. Also, just this May, Gucci won $4.7 million in damages over trademark infringement by fashion label, Guess.

Photos courtesy of: fashion-style.becomegorgeous.com, gucci.com