September 17, 2013

Gucci put a spell on me!

Can you tell a wish from a spell?… this is how The Black Angels’ lyrics go in the Bamboo Confidential short movie… And indeed. Can you tell the two apart? I can’t. A shopper with lush bamboo handles and even more exotic and dangerous python?

Bamboo Shopper python toteBamboo Shopper python tote

Bamboo Shopper python tote, EUR 2 500

Or a sweetly conservative Lady Lock with a concealed edgy attitude? I want them both, even if I’m almost sure it’s under the doing of an esoterical spell put on me by the bamboo lustred to perfection…

Lady Lock top handle bagLady Lock top handle bag

Lady Lock top handle bag, EUR 1 790

Why don’t you, still free of Gucci’s charms, tell me… If I’m planning a dash trip to the Savoy to see whether this little petrol blue beauty is still lying forgotten by the reception desk, somewhere on a pile of luggage – is this wish or spell?

Gucci Lady Lock


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Photo source: Gucci