October 18, 2013

Gucci Paris Masters, a show more graceful than any runway

Gucci Paris Masters

Crème de la crème! Might the French expression have been invented for the Gucci Paris Masters? It’s altogether possible. 25 top riders, 7 000 VIPs, 50 000 spectators followed closely by 348 journalists at a world class event broadcast live for 550 million households and crowned with a 1 million dollar prize, as well as the edition’s symbol, the Gucci foulard encapsulating this graceful extravaganza!

Gucci Paris Masters Gucci foulard

A ticket for the meeting of sport and elegance that is to take place at the Parisian masters would truly be an ideal Christmas present, even if its timing between the 5th and 8th of December almost predates even holiday shopping. Still, for an event with a total budget of 7 million dollars where one is more than likely, sure to brush shoulders with European aristocracy, even royalty, it is well worth being an early gift.

Just behold the beauty! Horse, jockey, Gucci

Gucci Paris Masters Gucci Paris Masters Gucci Paris Masters


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Photos: Gucci Paris Masters