September 15, 2014

GUCCI live streaming on, SS15 from MFW!

Step straight into the trend! GUCCI, Wednesday, September 17, 2 PM CET LIVE on FASHION avec PASSION!

Gucci spring summer 2015 LIVE Fashion avec Passion #Gucci #FashionAvecPassion #MFW #GucciSS15

The House of Gucci has a distinct instinct for designs that are quintessentially representative of their season, but also of their time. And we can easily picture Gucci spring-summer 2015 being equally paramount. A point of reference for next season’s trends and one for future (fashion) generations, when they will be looking back at the years 2000.

As potential hint of the soon to be shown creations we might be having a deep shade of oxblood as pictured on the invitation. Or we might have nothing at all… Find out!

Gucci spring summer 2015 LIVE Fashion avec Passion #Gucci #FashionAvecPassion #MFW #GucciSS15

Set all alarm clocks for ’’the time for fashion’’: GUCCI, broadcasting again, LIVE on its SS15 catwalk show! Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17, 1 PM GMT/2 PM CET!

The atmosphere is sure to be electric, but the models will be stepping out showcasing designs we can’t possibly imagine. Still, together, we’ll get an in-depth look at the cuts (or fluid fabrics), colours (or lack there of), patterns (or rather block colours) and styles to remember.

All, LIVE BROADCASTING on Fashion avec Passion and, before and after the runway show, following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Gucci @FashionAvecPassion and @JaninaNectara as well as the #Gucci #GucciSS2015 #FashionAvecPassion #MFW #SS15 and #MilanoModaDonna hashtags, for all details and secrets!

Gucci spring summer 2015 LIVE Fashion avec Passion #Gucci #FashionAvecPassion #MFW #GucciSS15


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Photos: Gucci