June 25, 2013

Gucci launching its first men’s only European flagship store and the ultra-exclusive Made to Measure collection, Lapo’s Wardrobe

Gucci Palazzo Cusani Milan

The illustrious Italian house of Gucci is an artist master of its trade and passion, always finding new perspectives on the motifs that stimulate its imagination. It then rightfully celebrates them, and shares the masterpieces with its faithful fans, all sharing its vision and fascination.

And on Sunday evening, at the spectacular Palazzo Cusani in Milan, Gucci celebrated two of its new masterful achievements. The graceful Frida Giannini hosted guests such as Delfina Delettrez Fendi and Giambattista Valli to a cocktail launch of its Made to Measure Lapo’s Wardrobe capsule collection and new men’s exclusive flagship store, at an exceptional Milan location.

Frida Giannini Lapo Elkann

Giannini and Lapo Elkann, co-designers of the ultra-sophisticated and ultra-exclusive collection, have explored what I would call two genius qualities – a sharp attention to detail and dash of eccentricity. And judging by the impeccable yet complex character behind each piece, able to have dandies persuaded that each seam has been sown especially to their specification, it is a brilliant success. Still, the most exquisite of Lapo’s Wardrobe achievements is, to my taste, the series of feminine looks for which men’s staples have been delicately adapted for perfect hourglass silhouettes.

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But Lapo’s Wardrobe from Gucci is still more overwhelming and flattering yet. Each one of its pieces – from shirts to buttonholes and from linings to shoes – are open to full personalisation to the measures and tastes of its customers. Taken alone, the 80 fabric options open 900 different combinations to what seems to very well be a men’s fashion paradise.

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The three storey boutique in the historical Brera district in Milan includes, in an original modern art deco setting, the full range of customised pampering facilities able to luxuriously cater to everything a modern gentleman can imagine. Furthermore, up until fall, when it will also travel to New York, Paris, London, Sao Paulo and Tokyo, the masterful Made to Measure Lapo’s Wardrobe collection is available only here.


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Photo source: Gucci