January 27, 2014

Gucci hearts beating to the rhythm of the perfect Valentine’s message

Gucci Valentine’s

Sweet and always bold! It’s the personality mix that best describes a Gucci collection, a woman who knows what present she wants for Saint Valentine’s, the one he can’t wait to make a surprise to and, what a fantastic coincidence, the Valentine’s limited edition made up by Frida Giannini!

Also a wonderful coincidence would be for all of the characters of this love story to meet, wouldn’t it? Meaning that the surprise he got ready for you be… getting the exact gift you wished for!

So, you know what’s left to be done. Help him. Choose among Gucci’s adorable Valentine accessories now in stores!

Gucci Valentine’s limited editionGucci Valentine’s limited editionGucci Valentine’s limited edition


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Photos: Gucci, fashioneditorials.com