August 5, 2013

Gucci cattitude. A sexy sexy sexy collection

Gucci pre fall 2013 campaign

Ah, Gucci! The pre-fall 2013 collection has Catwoman seducing from under a sexy disguise! Can you see her? Does the cat hunting posture give her away? Don’t even her watchful piercing eyes give you shivers down your spine?

Surely the high leather gloves and shirred little waist, flowing silhouette, red lipstick and understated-but- meowing-with-wildness shoes are by now starting to reveal her true identity.

The leopard print, mysterious shades, lace peering from under dropped shoulder dresses, the black, emerald and red are already clues she wants to be discovered. She wants her velvet strength, her confidence and femininity to be appreciated and be the fuel of passions.

You are her, you are Catwoman, aren’t you? Buy Gucci! Online, or at a store near you.

Gucci pre fall 2013 campaign


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Photo source: Gucci