April 5, 2012

Green cosmetics dictionary

Natural ingredients and organic products are becoming very popular, but what does this really mean are and what you should pay attention to when you buy them?


What you might think it means: 100% natural ingredients

What does it mean: the product contains natural ingredients, in variable proportions. There is no legal standards that define the term “natural”, so it’s best to consult the product label, not only the highlighted ingredients that appear as natural. You could actually find out that the product contains less natural things and many chemical ingredients.



What you might think it means: completely natural, no synthetic or artificial ingredients.

What does it mean: ingredients come from crops grown without pesticides, chemicals, hormones, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. They must bear the USDA logo, which certifies the things mentioned. However, the product may not be entirely organic, but only some of the ingredients to be USDA certified.


USDA 100% Organic

These products should contain only ingredients that are USDA certified organic and they must have a UDSA Organic seal. This requires that at least 95% of the ingredients are certified organic, and the other 5% are ingredients that are subject to strict regulations.

Made with Organic Ingredients

These products must contain at least 70% organic ingredients.



Does not contain ingredients that have been genetically modified. But there are no laws to regulate the mandatory existence of this claim. Products containing this statement should have a logo that comes from a credible organization that validates this.



What you might think it means: it does not contain ingredients that have been tested on animals.

What does it mean: no new animals have been involved in any phase of the product testing. However, this does not mean that the ingredients were not tested on animals before being used in the product.

The Leaping Bunny Program is the strictest about monitoring cruelty standards on products tested on animals. Companies that have this logo guarantee that the products are made with 100% ingredients that haven’t been tested on animals, nor were purchased from manufacturers who have made such tests.