November 13, 2012

Great facemasks, to endure the cold temperatures better

Facemasks are a blessing to our skin all year round, but in the fall and winter they become indispensable. This is because during this period skin needs extra care and hydration. Experts recommend exfoliating less, but using facemasks more often, two or three times a week.

Choose the ones appropriate to your skin type and use more than one type, to bring the skin diverse nutrients. Here are some choices that will help you maintain a beautiful and young skin till spring:


Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, €15 ,

Recommendation: for oily skin

How it works: Draws impurities from the pores and absorbs excess fat, leaving the skin clear. Contains seaweed and brown clay, which brings the minerals back into the skin. Has a revitalizing effect.

Omega Mask, Sabon, €10,

Recommendation: for tired skin

How it works: Regenerates and rehydrates skin. Has a strong antioxidant effect, due to vitamins A and E, and protects skin against aging.


Supra Lift Mask, Yves Rocher,  €22 ,

Recommendation: for premature aging skin

How it works: Has a lifting effect on cheeks, reduces wrinkles and restores skin radiance. Apply with a brush, gentle massaging; it doesn’t need to be removed with water, so all the nutrients are stored in the skin.

Specialists Comforting Cream Mask, Juvena, €56 ,

Recommendation: for very dry skin

How it works: Uses a unique technology, called SkinNova, which stimulates cell renewal. Natural oils moisturize and increase skin brightness, making it less vulnerable.

Precision Sublimage Essential Regenerating Mask, Chanel, €165 ,

Recommendation: for tired-looking skin

How it works: A powerful moisturizing mask, which can be compared with a relaxing facial massage. Rehydrates and relaxes skin cells with a strong dose of vanilla, lotus, magnesium and argan oil.


Detox Mask Save, €11, 49 lei,

Recommendation:  for dull skin

How it works: Absorb toxins, oxygenates and leaves skin clean and soft. Shea butter detoxifies and softens. 98% of the ingredients have natural origins.