February 28, 2012

Great creams for tired eyes

A sleepless night, an extra glass of wine or spicy, salted, food can make you look less pretty in the morning. Swollen, tired eyes and dark circles are not a nice view for you or for the others. That’s why you need to take care of the sensitive eye area, so that you look your best even if you haven’t had enough sleep.

Applying creams with ingredients like caffeine, cucumber and vitamin C, will help decongest the eye and diminish the unsightly signs. Here’s some of our choices:


Fatigue eraser eyestick Express Solution, Sephora, 4,81 €


Enchanting Eye Cream, Lush, 18,61 €

Eye Contour Gel, Clarins, 22,98 €


Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo, The Body Shop, 12,64 €


All about eyes, Clinique, 32,17 €